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lagoon city

Amphibious city and Mobility

By 2032, severe inundation and storm surges resulting from global climate change have forced populations living on Victoria Island and Eko Atlantic to relocate to the land-side of Lagos Lagoon. Along this interior coastline a new Lagoon City was established, providing equitable housing for both displaced and existing populations. At the same time, the Pan-African Union decoupled from the global economy, and in turn, so too did Nigeria’s reliance on the petroleum industry, shifting Lagos’ economy towards sustainable practices of renewable energy and aquaculture.

severe : 엄한, 엄격한, 심한, 엄중한, 호된

occupying Lagoon City

Lagoon City District


Solar Energy

Vegetation Insulation


Major Waterway

Multi-layered public space


Multi-layered city

Low solar radiance

Controlled vegetation

Shade tolerant plants

Public space and mobility


High solar radiance

Diverse and dense vegetation

Shade intolerant and tolerant plants

Providing protection for the sun


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Source: Guardian Lagos week, Inside Makoko: danger and ingenuity in the world's biggest floating slum - Tolu Ogunlesi


Amphibious Danfo

Shared amphibious bus

Autonomous Vehicle


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